Professional, Fast Photographic Snagging & Auditing

Providing construction professionals with an efficient tool for auditing and reporting. Track outstanding works, quality, safety, progress and more.

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About Insite

Insite is a App for Android and iOS used for construction site auditing. The intuitive processes let you add items quickly from your camera or library. Mark progress with a swipe and export professional PDF & Excel reports for distribution in seconds.

Use Insite for snag lists, auditing site safety, listing outstanding works, issuing clear up notices and generating condition surveys and more.


Organised lists displayed clearly with concise information

  • Clean & simple storage in projects
  • See vital statistics
  • Progress bar to see how your lists are performing
  • Split & merge lists as required

Photographic items tracked by status

  • Clear layout with image preview
  • Swipe to mark progress
  • Colour coded by status
  • Copy and delete multiple items at once
  • Filter & sort items
  • Colour coded by status

Instant Auditing At Your Fingertips

Fast & Powerful

Create new projects, lists, items and reports within minutes.

Professional Reporting

Produce professional PDF & Excel reports for instant distribution

Easily Editable

Every aspect of your records can be modified whenever you need

Stay Organised

An organised structure keeps reports, items and lists easily accessible


Add your name, company, logo & signature to reports

Intuitive Design

Designed with construction professionals to meet your needs


Our Users Love Us

Jamie West

Site Manager

Insite allows me to produce my weekly and monthly safety audits and effectively ensure that the items are closed out by tracking their progress.

Kumar Singh

Carpentry Contract Manager

I am able to snag works on site and instantly issue the reports to my operatives. I find this so effective for ensuring tasks are completed!

Emma Needham

Project Manager

Using Insite on our projects increases our manager's efficiency and ensures that our working practices are completed effectively.

Michael Berry

Site Manager

I primarily use Insite for snagging. The platform is so intuitive compared to other apps which I have used which makes the process so much faster.

Daniel Boyd

Bricklayer Site Foreman

Insite is great for keeping track of progress. Each week I create new lists to show where we are with the our works which provide indisputable records.

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Insite is now available on both iOS and Android!

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